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We Matter

We Matter I Matter. You Matter. We Matter. Hope. Culture. Strength. We Matter is an Indigenous-led and nationally registered non-profit organization that is committed to Indigenous youth empowerment, hope and life promotion. The key project is the We Matter Campaign –...

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Letting Go

If you blame other people for how you feel and think, you are out of control and your moods and feelings are dependent upon something or someone other than you. - The poet Francis described looking at some aspen trees as they surrendered their...

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The Truth About Teens and Alcohol

In The truth about teens and alcohol: Parents, researchers and students weigh in on drinking, Erin Anderssen talks to parents, researchers and high-school students across Canada about alcohol consumption. Peer pressure is different than it used to be, she finds, and...

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Becoming the Kind Father: A Son’s Journey

In his book Becoming the Kind Father: A Son’s Journey author Calvin Sandborn learns that difficulties need not lead him only to anger, isolation and contempt but can be lessons in opening the heart and connecting with others. “Like most men I was ashamed of speaking...

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Less Mum and Dad

Maybe we’re not as good at parenting as we think. A new British study suggests that adults are lousy judges of their children’s health – a tiny fraction recognized clinical obesity in their youngsters, while fully 31 per cent underestimated their kids’ weight....

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