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A Call to Action

“Leadership demands vision to see the path before us, the courage to take it and the strength to follow it.” – Dr. Jeff Turnbull, Past President, Canadian Medical Assn. Not just hope, not just words, but purposeful action. Action Stations Youth need to be provided...

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What are the Answers?

If “it takes a village to raise a child” then what does it mean to be a village? What is the role of connection technologies in our educational community and family settings? How do we help change the context of our children’s lives? One size does not fit all. Take...

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Homework We Should Set

We should assign: One hour extra sleep 20 minutes outside cardio Small screens off after dinner Hang with friends f2f Join a team/group Read a book Write a letter/journal with a pen/pencil Tell a yarn and have an argument Contribute and make a difference Stuart Taylor...

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Teens and Sexting

With sexting on the rise parents and educators are grappling with how best to protect teens: preach abstinence or teach them how to be safe? Most teenagers, at increasingly younger ages, are going to deal with some kind of sexting-related experience. In February 2018,...

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