Wellness: A Question of Balance

An Educator Resource

The Wellness Wheel Model is the core of the Resource. It provides a framework for lifelong learning about health and becomes the anchor for a school community culture.


  • Developmentally suitable for ages 15 to adult.
  • Holistic in design by including all of the dimensions of health.
  • The Wellness Wheel has eight spokes with the hub of personal responsibility.
  • Adaptable to meet the needs of diverse groups.
  • Supports a re-invigoration of a school health and wellness agenda.
  • Measures program success (what works, what doesn’t and what’s missing).
  • Addresses topics related to all of the health dimensions.
  • Encourages individual development and commitment to a long-term healthy living plan.

A comprehensive set of programs that address barriers to learning and enhance healthy development can be woven into the tapestry of every school. A school can become a key element of its community.

Wellness: A Question of Balance can be disseminated broadly in the community. An orientation promoting ongoing learning will help increase the community’s knowledge capacity.

The original “Wellness: A Question of Balance” is on the recommended list of health curriculum in British Columbia and Saskatchewan. The resource has been significantly revised and requested for use.

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Table of contents

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Wellness: A Question of Balance – table of contents

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