This recently published comprehensive guide to internet safety is very useful.

Founded in 2017, Pixel Privacy is a small team of privacy enthusiasts who work remotely from the US, Mexico and Australia. Their online privacy guides help hundreds of thousands of people every month and have been featured in places like Forbes, The Guardian, Lifehacker and more. Some examples:

* Phishing Emails: What’s the Risk, How to Identify them & Deal with them
* How to Remove Malware & Viruses From Android Phones (Oreo Version)
* The Visual Guide to Making Your Facebook Profile Private Again
* How to Keep your Children Safe Online: The Ultimate Guide for the non Techy Parent (outline below)

  • How to Protect Your Kids When They’re Online
  • Setting Parental Controls on Computers and Devices
  • Additional Ways to Keep Your Kids Safe Online
  • Action Steps
  • Keep Your Children Safe Online FAQs
  • Should I Use a VPN to Protect My Child?
  • Which Operating System Should I Use to Keep My Kids Safe?
  • Will Talking to My Children Keep Them Safe Online?