Even if you have provocation-proof self-control, you can’t be in control of everything but, fortunately, a lot depends on you. Find out what you can manage and start taking control of it to become a better person. – Antonio Grasso

This activity worked really well with Jen and Sheenagh, both of whom have been with Special Olympics for many years. Jen does 5 sports and Sheenagh is involved with swimming and gives presentations. They continue to have a difficult time with another athlete’s lack of boundaries. With discussion and written responses, they understood the Model and had a good time with the diagram.


Use each of the headings and give examples that relate to you.


  • The past
  • The future
  • The actions of others
  • The opinions of others
  • What happens around me
  • What other people think of me
  • The outcome of my efforts
  • How others take care of themselves


  • My boundaries
  • My thoughts and actions
  • The goals I set
  • What I give my energy to
  • How I speak to myself
  • How I handle challenges

Image used with permission of A. Grasso.