bullhornParents, you are more powerful than you think. You can limit exposure to violent media, practice non-violent dispute resolution, communicate with your children and stay involved in their lives.

Involving you in planning and implementation serves to reinforce the school health education process. It helps to broaden the relevance of the promoted behavior to all aspects of students’ lives at home, school and in the community.

Benefits of Involving Parents

The benefits of involving parents in health education are not confined to the early years…there are significant gains at all ages and grade levels.

Studies show that students are more likely to succeed when parents take an active interest in their children’s education. The Resources encourage parent participation by:

  • Educating you about school health models and the benefits.
  • Soliciting assistance from you in all aspects of delivering the service (e.g. special family projects, resource people and homework assignments).
  • Holding education sessions for parents on relevant health issues so you can speak knowledgeably to your teens.
  • Inviting participation on school planning and health-related committees. Such a wellness committee could include: police liaison officer, social worker, child and youth care counsellor, recreation centre staff, parents, teachers, students and community partners.
  • Providing timely updates for you on the school website.