Canada’s public health crisis of suicides needs a funded mental health plan, according to the Canadian Medical Association Journal Editorial of September 6, 2016.

Suicide is the leading cause of death among the 15-35 age group, behind auto accidents. The CMAJ editors say that Canada needs a national suicide prevention strategy with concerted federal funds. Suicide rates declined in 21 developed countries with government-led prevention programs.

It takes a whole community approach.

The good news is that there is evidence that school-based programs can reduce suicidal thoughts and suicide attempts. We need people to join together to tackle this issue and develop “youth sensitive” services based in the community. — Dr. Peter Szatmari, chief of the Child and Youth Mental Health Collaborative at SickKids, CAMH and the University of Toronto.

Something needs to be done.

Solution = A preventative, long-term developmental approach

Where to get help:

  • Kids Help Phone – phone 1 800 668 6868 or visit for Live Chat (online chat counseling)
  • Canadian Association of Suicide Prevention for warning signs if you are worried about someone’s risk of suicide
  •  – Fact sheets, resources, quizzes, worksheets, videos. Mind check was created to help young people identify and understand distress they may be experiencing and to help them develop skills and strategies to manage mental health challenges. Recognizing signs early and finding ways to deal with them increases the chances of better long-term outcomes and mental wellness. Fraser Health in partnership with BC Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services.