Has mental health become the crisis of a generation?

Mental illness diagnoses have been on the rise for years especially among high school students. Research suggests that there are many causes for this but one thing is clear: Teenagers today are fighting a battle against these diseases and while it’s not an easy fight, it’s a worthwhile one that can improve an individual’s life. Mental illnesses are manageable. The first and most important step is knowledge.

A teen told me about this Penn State website: Mental Health Education for Teenagers

Under the headings Types of Mental Illness, Significance and Prevention there is significant information. Quizzes, charts and a tag cloud are also featured.

Penn State PRO Wellness is committed to educating and inspiring youth and their families to eat well, engage in regular physical activity, and become champions for bringing healthy choices to life. The goal is to help Pennsylvanian communities live healthier lives using evidence-based strategies for measurable and sustainable results. The approach taken focuses on Prevention, Research and Outreach to provide schools, communities and like-minded organizations with program development and implementation, assessment and evaluation, capacity building, technical assistance, collaborative partnerships and access to proven wellness interventions.

Action is the antidote to despair. ~ Joan Baez