Music is an integral part of our wellbeing.

A friend has 2 daughters in middle school. The school district was contemplating cutting school music programs to save money. Imagine!

Why Music Should be in Every Classroom by Joan Koenig shows why music should be in every classroom. I suggested that the parents might find the article valuable.
Not long after my friend received the connection there was an orchestral presentation by students from all levels at the school. The performance was fully booked and the concert was fantastic. The last piece played had the audience in tears. What more proof is needed about the importance of music in our lives.
More than 30 years of research into musical practice and the brain shows that music helps with many of the necessary skills needed for learning, growth, and development.
Under the heading “Bringing music into the classroom”  3 goals are listed with suggestions on how to accomplish the goals.
The argument for including music in our schools, homes, and daycare programs before the pandemic was compelling; today, it is urgent. Making music together can foster a vital sense of belonging, providing an antidote to isolation.  – Joan Koenig
middle school student playing flute in school band