I was one of the authors of The Wellness Priorities Survey Project, Dec 2000. The design was completed by a team at Reynolds Secondary School, Victoria, BC, Canada. The foundation was the Wellness Wheel.

The 7 Cs that lead to success in schools:

Concentrating on Senior Level Support

Creating a Cohesive Team

Collecting Data to Drive Health Efforts

Carefully Crafting an Operating Plan

Choosing Appropriate Interventions

Creating Supportive Environments

Consistently Evaluating Outcomes

Authors of the Project:

  • Two Public Health Nurses, Capital Health Region, Greater Victoria
  • Systems Application Specialist
  • Accreditation Surveys
  • Greater Victoria School District 61
  • Morven Inglis, Reynolds Secondary Student Services – with Administration support

Extensive support from University of Victoria psychology & social work research students, Parent, Professor of Department of Psychology, Youth and Society Research Unit.