Alliance for a Healthier Generation has excellent information on forming a school wellness committee. Concise information includes two topic areas:

 Video – Wellness Committees That Work


3 Steps to Form a School Wellness Committee

1. Build a Team – Tips to get started
2. Start Recruiting
3.  Plan a Meeting

Their School Wellness Committee Toolkit (free account required to access) could be adapted for any school health model.

How to use the Toolkit
What is a School Wellness Committee?
District Level vs. School-Level Committees
Merging Committees and Aligning School Initiatives: Helpful Tips
Roles and Responsibilities of a School Wellness Committee
Background of the Local Wellness Policy to Support School Wellness
What is the Healthy School Program?
Six Step Process
Healthier Generation’s Model Wellness Policy

Start Up
Who should join the School Wellness Committee
School Wellness Committee Members Descriptions
Considerations for School Wellness Committee Members
Tips for Involving Students and Families
How to Keep a Committee Active and Effective
Communication Strategies
Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child Model (WSCC)
Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA)
Resources to Support Integration and Implementation
How the Healthy Schools Program Supports Implementation of WSCC and ESSA

Meeting Checklist
Sample Announcement about Your Healthy School Efforts to Staff, Families, and Community Members
Sample Invitation for SWC Members
School Wellness Committee Road Map
School Wellness Committee Leader Guide
Meeting Agenda Template
School Wellness Committee Roster Template Action Planning Template