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Resources for a Whole School Approach

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Make health and wellness a way of life in the school culture by using three innovative resources designed, tested and revised by a seasoned school educator.

  1. Wellness: A Question of Balance – An Educator Resource
  2. Teens and Transition: A Teacher Guide
  3. Teens and Transition: A Parent Guide

Download handouts that explain the Resources and their benefits:

We must ensure the right to quality education for all, because these two goals — health and education — go hand in hand.
– Audrey Azoulay, Director General, UNESCO, December 2017, The World AIDS day

Features of the Resources

The lesson plans and activities are:

  • Easy to use and adaptable for any classroom, AND with staff, parents and community partners.
  • Concrete and practical with step-by-step instructions.
  • Creative and fun.
  • Tested over many years.
  • A framework for promoting comprehensive school health.
  • Supported by additional materials.
  • A foundation for knowledge and skills required to maximize health and well-being.

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Benefits of the Resources

(20 years of feedback from users)

  • Maximize health and well being by addressing deficits in knowledge (danger of drugs) and/or personal development (if only teens had better communication skills).
  • Draw attention to protective factors rather than a disease model.
  • Decrease vulnerability.
  • Increase connections.
  • Engage participants in making decisions about their own health, education, school.
  • Link to and influence other systems at the level of family and community.
  • Provide multiple strategies and approaches (there is no one way to achieve well being).
  • Pay attention to resiliency, asset development and self-efficacy.
  • Reinvigorate the health agenda with the Wellness Wheel Model to provide links to, for example, drug education, sexuality, suicide prevention, bullying issues, stress management, nutrition and fitness.
  • Allow equal and inclusive opportunities for everyone in adoption, practice and commitment to a long-term healthy living plan – we’re all in this together.

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