Teacher and Parent Transition Guides

Help ease the transition to high school

The teacher and parent Guides are designed to address the needs of students and their parents and to help build a bridge for the critical communication between elementary or middle school and high school.

Many transition concerns confront students and their parents. The Guides aim to reduce alienation and to increase positive attitudes and involvement related to school and learning activities.

The interventions include activities to establish a welcoming and socially supportive school community. The teacher and parent Guides can be easily adapted for the move to college/university, work, travel. The guides help students overcome anxiety related to:

  • Being picked on and teased
  • Choices
  • Harder work, different evaluation
  • Making new and more friends
  • Getting lost


  • Programs, procedures, activities information provided.
  • Social support activities give the opportunity for students to get to know and develop positive relationships with older students and peers.
  • Elementary/middle school and high school personnel are brought together to help meet the needs of students.
  • Students and their parents engage in making decisions.

The Wellness Wheel is introduced in the Teacher Guide then expanded in “Wellness: A Question of Balance” where the Wellness Wheel is the anchor. The Wellness Wheel model provides a framework for lifelong learning about health and becomes the norm in a school community culture. 

“Creating a smooth transition: Tips for Teachers” from ReachOut in Australia provides additional information that adds to the power of Schools4Health’s Teacher and Parent Transition Guides.


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