In his book Becoming the Kind Father: A Son’s Journey author Calvin Sandborn learns that difficulties need not lead him only to anger, isolation and contempt but can be lessons in opening the heart and connecting with others.

“Like most men I was ashamed of speaking my pain. But I have discovered life’s sweet, redeeming secret – a secret many women know but that patriarchal society hides from men. The secret is this:

Sharing my sorrow with others creates an unsuspected bridge from my heart to theirs. Simply by listening to each other, we can transform sorrow into something joyful – empathic connection. This connection is one of the greatest gifts that life offers.“ (Foreword, pg. xv)

Sandborn writes about gentleness and kindness. Making friends with yourself is characterized as a transformation from alienated anger to self-acceptance.

Change is possible to become a better man, a better father.