According to Raybon Kan, the digital age is helping to turn web content into a 24/7 addiction.

One of the questions Raybon Kan asks is are we merely going to stay home, evolve to become the shape of a couch and bitch about the speed of Wi-Fi? When did distraction become entertainment? Now, even while distracted, we crave another distraction. We scan a tablet while glancing at TV. Even in romantic scenarios where you personally, physically, feel the urge to merge, the distraction devices are there, on both people, like pistols for dueling.

The devices have changed us, the technology has seduced us, and we’ve been betrayed. The kids growing up today are unvaccinated from the devices. Theirs will be a future without eye contact. Despite all the journalism in the world, Facebook (and Twitter) gave us Trump. The machines have won.

NZ Herald, 4 May 2017