The blog post Athletes and Alcoholism, December 11, 2023, was written by Kelly Brown and medically reviewed by Dr P.E. Pancoast, MD.

As this is such a common issue, the authors spent hundreds of hours writing the peer-reviewed guide about athletes and alcohol.

Included is relevant information about how alcoholism is so common among athletes and how it can affect their performance. The team also made a point of including resources for those struggling with alcohol use disorder.


Why is Alcoholism Common Among Athletes?

  1. Cope with Mental Illness
  2. Deal with Emotional Pressure
  3. Deal with Early-Age Retirement
  4. Face Peer Pressure

Also included are other topic areas:

  • Athletes and Alcoholism Statistics
  • How Alcohol Affects Athletes’ Performance
  • Student Athletes and Alcohol Abuse
  • Athletes Who Have Overcome Alcohol Use Disorder
  • What to Do About Alcohol Abuse Among Athletes

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View from behind of teenage soccer players.