UCLA’s Center for Mental Health in Schools & Student/Learning Supports have some excellent resources on their website.

Improve Teaching and Learning Supports by Addressing the Rhythms of the Year

A culture of shared learning and positive risk-taking brings together the professional and personal lives of teachers in a way that supports growth and allows problems to be discussed without fear of disapproval or punishment.

Take a Theme of the Month to help build capacity and develop learning supports into a comprehensive system. The set of material for all themes is available for download from their website as a Resource Aid in pdf format.

The monthly themes are a wonderful complement to the Transition Guides and “Wellness: A Question of Balance.”

Monthly Theme Examples:

  1. Getting off to a Good Start
  2. Enhancing Student Engagement
  3. Enhancing Learning Supports
  4. Minimizing Stress Reactions & Preventing Student and Staff “Burnout” e.g. promoting well-being
  5. Re-engaging Disconnected Students

Establishing a Learning Supports Resource Team that performs essential functions related to the implementation and ongoing development of a comprehensive, multifaceted and cohesive approach helps to address the barriers to student learning and promotes healthy development.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world.” Margaret Mead

Photo by Kylie Haulk on Unsplash