I found some excellent resources on building resilience on the American Psychological Association website.

We all face stresses in our lives. Resilience is a quality that we need to understand so that obstacles can be overcome. The APA provides a road map on how to adapt effectively in the face of life’s ups and downs  –  a crisis, struggle, illness, tragedy, failure… Everyone at some time has to deal with trauma, adversity and other stresses. To build and strengthen our resilience two questions are covered:

  • What is resilience?
  • How do we strengthen our resilience?

APA recommends focus on four areas to strengthen our resilience:

  1. Building or connections
  2. Fostering wellness
  3. Finding purpose
  4. Embracing healthy thoughts

Resilience is a quality that students need to understand so they can overcome obstacles. Other important sections on the website:

  • Resilience and Teaching – 4 lessons for high school students to promote resilience
  • Helping children cope and build resilience

Adapting well in the face of adversity is so important now as young people return to school or have to cope at any time in their lives with problems. Young people’s problems include adapting to a new classroom, bullying by classmates or abuse at home, but resilience is the ability to thrive despite these challenges.

Free lesson plan on resilience: Autobiography in 5 Chapters
Resilience: Our ability to bounce back depends more on what’s around us than what’s within us