ER Visits for Suicidal Behaviour in Kids Rose Amid Pandemic: Study

Research points to a need for more mental-health supports for children, doctor says.

Study shows more pediatric ER visits for suicidal behaviour during COVID-19 pandemic appeared in the Times Colonist, March 14, 2023, written by Colette Derworiz of the Canadian Press.

The study, published in Lancet Psychiatry, analyzed 42 studies that represented more than 11 million pediatric patients in 18 countries around the world.

Some highlights:

“There has been this accumulation of pandemic-related stressors – social isolation, school closures, online learning,” said co-author Dr.Daphne Korczak, a child and adolescent psychiatrist. The findings align with what she has experienced at her clinic.

The study points to a need for more help for kids. The resources and effort have to be put in at schools, in the community, at home to re-engage children and adolescents, in particular, in new and interesting and positive activities, in addition to providing mental health supports when they need them.

Governments and social agencies need to consider prevention strategies in addition to intervention!