Bright hands with cocktails. Modern Art. Vector illustration in cartoon style.Canada’s Guidance on Alcohol and Health provides evidence-based advice on alcohol to support people in making informed decisions about their health. The guidance is based on the latest research on alcohol-related risks and replaces Canada’s Low-Risk Alcohol Drinking Guidelines (LRDGs) issued in 2011. Download the PDF version of the new report.

Some examples from the report:

*  Reasons for the New Guidance on Alcohol and Health
*  Technical Report
*  Evidence used to Construct the Recommendations
Dr. Catherine Paradis, a sociologist, is co-chair of the group behind these new guidelines and interim associate director of research at the CCSA. She explains the changes in this Globe & Mail article: One of the experts behind Canada’s new alcohol drinking guidelines explains the changes.
So the environment right now is not set up for people to follow this guidance. So really, those results are a clear call to action for our government.